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Can overweight people still ice skate?

Is it harder for over weight people to ice skate because of the weight pulling them down?

Can overweight people still ice skate?
It's not to how much you wait but how you skate.Actually your weight can have an effect only if you jump but that's it.People of all kind of weight can skate the same way.Speeding is a good skating technique as it reduce the gravity effect on the ice and makes the person lighter.But don't speed if you are still not comfortable on the ice because it can be dangerous.I have some overweight skaters in my figure skating group who skate so beautifully and even make so perfect jumps.....Don't make such thing stop you from skating!!!
Reply:I was wondering the same thing, and I would probably have to say yes...think of hockey players. They're pretty big guys even without all that equipment and they don't have any trouble on the ice.
Reply:Being overweight myself, I do find it harder to ice skate - those overweight who can iceskate very well just have more strength than a skinny person doing so. They have more will too - since we fall harder on the ice, and getting up and falling over and over again when first learning shows how much willpower they have.

I personally don't like iceskating - I feel too shakey on the blades. I prefer rollerskating.
Reply:I am an adult skater in England, and yes, I weigh a fair bit more than I should.

I started skating 14 months ago at the age of 29, and for the first 9 months, it was in weekly adult "Learn to Skate" classes. I actually progressed more quickly than most of my classmates, but that is partly due to professional ballet training in my teens.

I have been having private coaching since June, and although we are focussing formally on ice dance, due to my dance history, I have started learning jumps (freestyle) informally.

My coach and I are working towards me competing next year.

I would say just go for it. I am actually losing weight at the moment - partly because of skating (I skate 3 times a week), and partly because if I am going to be competing, I want to be comfortable in the dresses!! Although I am not morbidly obese, being overweight has not stopped me doing anything, or hindered my skating in any way.

And it's a great form of exercise!!!
Reply:i wouldnt think overweight people would have any trouble skating... and commenting on peoples comments about ponds theres a risk anyone, overweight or not, could fall through thin ice.

'Is it harder for over weight people to ice skate because of the weight pulling them down?' - you could also assume the same thing about walking or standing or any other activity ay? i dont really know but i think peoples body's adapt to the weight they carry, so im sure they'd have the strength to skate. its not like they'll get stuck in the ice!

one of my friends is on the plus size and she's an amazing skater! she's also one of the strongest people i know..

i think some sports just give out a bad image, that you have to be thin to succeed. tho if you get up into higher levels then training will keep weight off (i've lost about 20 pounds since i started skating, and i dont even do any training.. just regular exercise and skating sessions..)

i think some figure skaters my feel pressured to be thin.. the skimpy outfits can be very cruel to people with bad confidence (like myself). some coaches even force their skaters to lose weight which is the really sad thing. the sport should be fun and thrilling, not a competition on whose lighter than who.. however if people are very overweight then they may find it harder to get height on jumps compared to smaller skaters. then again some of the smaller skaters actually lack the muscle strength to get off the ice high enough! i guess you have to just find the midground...

also on the other hand if someone's built like a twig, they may have a rough time playing ice hockey (tho i wouldnt know cos i dont actually play, but by the looks of it you need a great deal of muscle power and confidence...).

anyhow, as long as you enjoy what you do it doesnt matter what others think. im bigger than most skaters at my rink, and have had a compliment or two about my skating :)

if people have a problem with you skating, then thats their problem. they should get lives!

take care, and i hope you have fun skating. i know i am
Reply:Of course they can! Skating is for everyone of all shapes, sizes and ages. Skating is great exercise for anyone looking for something more fun to do than going to the gym, walking, jogging, etc....and it's something you can do with friends. Just forward and backward skating, I don't think, is any more difficult for someone that is overweight (I see plenty of skinny-minnies out there having a hard time!). :) All it takes is a little practice and getting comfortable on the ice -- then it becomes second nature!
Reply:yes of course they can skate its just they might tip over and break the ice...
Reply:have you nothing better to do than to ask ignorant questions?
Reply:Depends on how thick the Ice is.
Reply:yes they can skate. I wouldnt suggest it on a frozen pond.


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